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oh look people hey hello welcome to my blog!

I'm Danielle and I like to draw. My fandoms change a lot so sorry if you ended up following me for That One Thing That I Never Draw Again. (that sounded p conceited but it wasn't. totally being serious I've switched fandoms like 5 times in the last 3 months)

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Have I not been working hard enough? Is that it?

No, no, it can’t be true. You have no proof. Someone would have told me, someone would have—


You—you humans—you’ve been planning this all along, haven’t you?

You wanted to catch me off guard, wanted to lure me in and snare me and all I’ve been doing is playing along like the fool I am! You— If you plan to do this… What have I been fighting for?

You’re dirty traitors! All of you!

Note from Dr. Serizawa:

I meant to delete this one before he got ahold of it, but a mischievous (former) employee snuck in and thought it would be hilarious to force the Shobijin to translate. The results were catastrophic, and I had to handle the aftermath.

Do you realize how much damage you could have caused, had he believed for much longer that he was being betrayed? Do you realize how many people your blatantly false statement could have hurt?

Think, next time.

I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive, but I haven’t had time to draw much besides askblog replies.

I do like this one, though.

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I’d like to think so…

Like this one too.

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It is magma in my veins, burning in my lungs, hot bile in my throat… the ticking time bomb in my chest putting itself to good use.

((I like this one.))

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We have a big doodle board in my art class. It’s not hard to tell which ones are mine.

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Anonymous said: how much would it cost for a 'commission'?

I don’t take commissions at the moment, considering I don’t really have the ability to (no way of receiving payments haha… Also no tablet. That’s kind of a biggie). But… Wow I’m flattered that you asked. :0


Slime fiend, smoke beast, smogpile… I’ve got a lot of names for it.
I still remember the smell…. Awful. It was the stench of Death.

hedorahs fuckin horrifying actually just look at that damn thing.

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I want… The art of destruction book…. So baaaaaaaad…

but Danielle lacks the moneys.

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Sorry I haven’t been on lately, guys.

All I’ve been able to draw is Godzilla.

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the cree led lightbulb man is very attractive

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